About Sphynx Géant

Welcome to the Sphynx Géant family! Here the average is not accepted. But if you got that far it probably means that you’re not. Tired of wearing boring shit like most human beings? Well you are at the right place my fellow homosapiens. Why is the Sphynx so Géant? Are three eyes not enough for you? Hard to satisfy I see. Good thing you are at Nationhats because over here the stuff is really good quality! The Sphynx and its acolytes make sure your caps are 100% ready to go on your head. My brand, my rules. No shitty headwear alowed in my domain.

Of course you could go somewhere else and find some half decent quality. But here the quality is 100% guaranteed like I said before. I know that common sense doesn’t allow you to listen to a cat. But where is the fun in “common”? Flashy colours, weird logo! Just go crazy! Remember I am a cat, what does most cat do? They don’t give a damn! And wearing cool shit while not giving a f*ck feels good!

So be a Sphynx too! Join the Géant family! The leading Sphynx brand in the WORLD! We are the only ones so we have to hit hard as hell!

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