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How it’s made: Label (Woven)

Just like stitching and ornemental embroidery, weaving is recognized as one of the oldest surviving crafts in the world, with origins than can be dated back as far as the Neolithic era (roughly 10,000 years BC). Most textile nowadays are made this way as weaving has become the primary method to create complex garments of high-quality thanks to its industrialization.

Although there are people weaving by hand using manual looms, the vast majority of weaving is done today with automatic weaving machines. They come in a variety of size and shape depending on the use case. The basic principle is shown below:

This method is not only used to create tapestry and clothing but also cloth accessories like brand tags and care labels. The later is usually what we’re after when we want to customize a hat with a woven label. However, due to the complexity of these machines, the minimum order quantity is usually very high to get started with this product.

Once the woven labels have been weaved, they are usually laser cut to prevent fraying around the edges. A thermoadhesive or peel and stick paper can also be added to the backing to help fix the labels in place. Just like all patches and labels, woven labels are available with a running stitch border, a satin stitch border or a merrowed border.

Note: The brand tag inside hats can only be customized when the hats are made from scratch using our full-custom program. This is because a special machine is used to attach the sweatband and the brand label together before the brim is fixed on the body of the hat. This is the only way to obtain best results as replacing the label after this step does not provide the same level of quality.