Cuffed Knit Beanies | Blank

$9.70 CAD

Contents: 100% Hypoallergenic Acrylic
Sizes: One Size Fits All
Additional Features: Super dense knit to keep warm in cold weather. Hand washable. To customize this product, please go to our custom hats section.
Length: Approx. 12″
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Official Nationhats Hats

The official Nationhats blank hats offer the flexibility of a custom branded hat with a guarantee that we’ve taken actions to minimize our ecological footprint all while participating in the fight against poverty and social inequalities. Not only do we provide responsible hats; they are made of premium material to get the best product quality on the market.

Our hats embrace this vision of unity and mutual aid we care to spread and as usual, 1$ will be donated to help people who need it the most for every hat, cap or beanie sold.

The Nationhats crowned star is a representation of ourselves being king of our destiny. A symbol our hats embrace proudly.

Beanie Style

Cuffed knit beanies are longer and are usually worn rolled over.

A more practical choice in winter, beanies have been around in all shapes and sizes since the 1950’s. Typically made out of soft fabric such as wool, these hats are known for their ability to keep your head warm in the colder climates.

Stretching to fit almost any head, these hats have proven to be a popular fashion choice too, with many beanies being spotted in the winter, regardless of the wearer.

Although some beanies come with a beak, most do not. Cuffed knit beanies are usually recognized by their rolled up brim. Another type of beanies is the pom pom beanie. As it name suggests, it has a pompom on the top and can also have tassels on each side.

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