ValuCap Dad Hat – VC300

$9.14 CAD

Contents: 100% organic cotton
Sizes: 6 5/8” – 7 3/8”
Additional Features:
  • Organic washed cotton Chino Twill 
  • Unstructured
  • 6 panel
  • Low profile
  • Pre-curved bill
  • Strapback closure
  • Matching undervisor
  • Typical dad hat
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Our commitment

Here at Nationhats, your satisfaction is of the utmost importance. That's why the hats and caps we offer are carefully inspected by our specialists to maintain the highest quality of customization. Not only do we make sure to offer hats of the highest grade, we also pay attention to the environmental and ecological impact of the products we offer. When you create a custom hat or a custom cap on Nationhats, you are helping us to fund a better world and you can be sure that the outcome will always be impeccable, guaranteed.

Our hats and caps embrace the values of excellence and good ethics we care to spread : For every hat we sell, we collect 1$ that will help us to protect trees and give back to charities.

The Nationhats crowned star is a representation of ourselves being king of our destiny. A symbol our hats embrace proudly.

Valucap by Sportsman

Valucap by Sportsman

The Valucap by Sportsman brand has quite some history! Started in a small garment district in Kansas City, Missouri, the Sportsman Cap Network – which was called Pioneer Cap at the moment – celebrated its 75th anniversary in 2012. That's 75 consecutive years of experience in the cap industry!

Today, the company offers headwear products but also an entire bag line as well as a clothing line. With 9 locations, 22 brands, 216 styles and over 1300 products, the group has diversified in a plethora of promotional products while keeping costs low and affordable for small businesses.

6 Panel Shape

The 6-panel caps are a standard as far as baseball caps are concerned. This style of hats represent a majority of the snapbacks on the market as well. They are made of 6 triangular panels of fabric woven together.

As 6-panel hats are simply a stitching style, they can be found with diverse closure like fitted, snapback, strapback or even flexfit.

Unlike 5-panel caps, the extra panel on this style of hats give them a slightly different shape and higher profile. This vintage style dates back to the authentic ballcaps of the '50s.

Classic snapback with a 6-panel style of stitching.

The Strapback

If you're not a fan of plastic snaps, you're going to love strapback caps! Also known as dad hats, strapback hats are almost identical to a snapback hat, the only different being it is fitted with a belt-like strap on the back side of the cap. This style of baseball cap is the hottest hat style of the moment across all ages.

In recent years, snapback caps has become fairly common. The elegant strapback closure is metallic and adjust to different head size, making the hats one size fits all. A variant of the strapback, more popular on flexible material, is the velcroback which feature a velcro instead of a metallic strap on the back of the hat.

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