Changing the world,
One hat at a time

Nationhats isn’t just about selling hats, it’s about being a part of a community that stands for so much more. It’s about teaching the passion and belief that when we unite and stand together we are not insignificant, we are a community that have the power to make lasting change.

When you wear one of our hat, wear it with pride. You’re not just affirming your identity, you’re showing that you belong, you believe and you are a part of a driving force that stands for a world where poverty, hunger and violence are no more.


We're helping to build
a little brighter future

For the sake of future generations, Nationhats as a company offer its time, services and at least 1% of the sale of any hat to numerous causes around the world. Our goal is to work closely with charities and organisms to measure the support that YOU help us to provide.

A better future is possible, but this mission can only be fulfilled if we all work together; Browse our collections or create your own customized design! Spread the word about the Nationhats community and know that every effort you make to raise awareness is contributing to a healthier environment for the future.

Our mission:
Be a catalyst for change

Often the reason we stay loyal to a brand is the style, versatility and consistency of quality in which we receive every time we buy an item. Although you get all of these with every hat purchased on Nationhats, you also know that you are part of a passionate cause that is closing the gaps between the boundaries of the world. We are a community that strives to bring people of all nations, cultures, backgrounds and situations in-sync to create peace, acceptance and love.

Our vision is to create a world where everyone gets to mingle and connect with people of various cultures and backgrounds. Over one billion people worldwide do not have access to the basic life essentials: Nationhats is determined to change that.


Different & Together

Nationhats has been founded with a unique spirit and lofty objective; to offer a wide selection of hats in a sustainable way whilst uniting all nations. This precise idea inspired our very first hats collection, the MapFlags.

From snapbacks to berets and beanie’s to baseball caps, we offer a broad selection of hats in our catalog. However if you cannot find what you’re looking for, contact us now and we’ll do everything we can, we love challenges!

You’re different and together we can change the world.