3 reasons to recycle your hats

  • Be the change that you want to see

    A lot of hats are made with polyester that release toxic material in the environment when they are thrown away. Allow us to give a second life to your hats when they are worn out. We will transform them into raw material for our eco products.

  • Get paid to recycle

    In some countries, you can get paid for recycling cans and glass bottles. We believe you should also get paid for your efforts to keep our planet clean. That's why you'll receive store credits when you return your old hats to us.

  • Lead the way

    Show to your customers and the people around you that you care about our environment. We will soon provide a custom badge that you can showcase on your website to let users know you are part of the Nationhats Recycle Your Hats Program.

Recycle Your Hats