Classic Trucker Snapback

$74.73 CAD

Contents: 47% Cotton / 25% Polyester / 28% Nylon
Sizes: One Size Fits All
Additional Features:
  • Trucker mesh back.
  • Five panel cap.
  • Matching plastic snap.
  • Hard buckram.
  • Matching undervisor.
  • Warning: 3D Embroidery

    Please note that this method is not compatible with highly detailed graphics, pictures or designs. If you're not sure your design is compatible, contact us.
    Left Side Logo*

    The side is always the side when you're wearing the hat.

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    Right Side Logo*

    The side is always the side when you're wearing the hat.

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Our commitment

Here at Nationhats, your satisfaction is of the utmost importance. That's why the hats and caps we offer are carefully inspected by our specialists to maintain the highest quality of customization. Not only do we make sure to offer hats of the highest grade, we also pay attention to the environmental and ecological impact of the products we offer. When you create a custom hat or a custom cap on Nationhats, you are helping us to fund a better world and you can be sure that the outcome will always be impeccable, guaranteed.

Our hats and caps embrace the values of excellence and good ethics we care to spread : For every hat we sell, we collect 1$ that will help us to protect trees and give back to charities.

The Nationhats crowned star is a representation of ourselves being king of our destiny. A symbol our hats embrace proudly.

Snapback Closure

A classic design, the snapback has seen a recent rise back into the fashion world where it is adored by both celebrities and the public in equal measure.

The snapback caps first rose to fame in the 90's in America where it became especially popular in Los Angeles and New York. In these early years, the popularity of the hat was largely due to being worn both by famous musicians and sports stars.

The main advantage of the snapback closure simple plastic design is its flexibility, making the hats one size fits all. This system also makes the cap durable since there's no additional metal parts that can break off.

5 Panel Shape

Not to be confused with the trusty six-panel hat you’ve been wearing since your Little League days, this new silhouette is slimming and much more fitted. The 5-panel cap has seen a soar in popularity in the last 5 years, although this soar is fairly undocumented.

There are two main types of 5-panel hats : the pinwheel configuration and the arched configuration. The first one is similar to how the 6-panel hats are sewn, except that the front seam doesn't go all the way down to the brim. The other 5-panel caps have their five parts combined over the arc of your cranium.

Classic snapback with a 5-panel style of stitching.

The Trucker Style

Trucker hats have a plastic mesh in the back to help with the breathability of the cap.

The origins of trucker caps, as it’s name suggests, are implanted firmly within the trucking community. They often sport a snapback type of closure with a curved beak and meshed back. The trucker cap became popular with truckers when farm supply companies began giving them away as a promotional give-away. Truckers would be the ones delivering the supplies for these companies and picked the hat up while they were doing so.

Since the trucker cap shares the plastic size adjustment system of the snapbacks, it makes it a very practical hat in terms of durability and breathability. This combination of practicality and style had made trucker hats stay in popularity for years.

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