Original Royal Star — 5-Panel Classic Snapback

$30.00 CAD

Contents: 80% Acrylic / 20% Wool
Sizes: One Size Fits All
Additional Features:


The Royal Star Collection

Show the world what stars are made of! The official Royal Star collection is the pinnacle of the Nationhats’ hat collections. Sporting the symbol of the company, these hats represent the very meaning of our motto Different & Together.

Many may interpret the star as a symbol of success and fame. To us, it’s more about the inherent aspect that every human being is made of the same things that compose the stars. YOU are the stars.  The crown, symbol of royalty and power represent here the power you have on your own life, the power to decide what you choose to support in your daily actions and what you want to be. The Royal Star Hats Collection is the symbol that you are the master of your own destiny.

Why Different & Together? Because like the sky at night when we stars unite, together even the darkest night can really shine bright.

The Nationhats crowned star is a representation of ourselves being king of our destiny. A symbol our hats embrace proudly.

Classic Snapback Fit

A classic design, the snapback has seen a recent rise back into the fashion world where it is adored by both celebrities and the public in equal measure.

The snapback caps first rose to fame in the 90’s in America where it became especially popular in Los Angeles and New York. In these early years, the popularity of the hat was largely due to being worn both by famous musicians and sports stars.

The main advantage of the snapback closure simple plastic design is its flexibility, making the hats one size fits all. This system also makes the cap durable since there’s no additional metal parts that can break off.

5-Panel Hats

Not to be confused with the trusty six-panel hat you’ve been wearing since your Little League days, this new silhouette is slimming and much more fitted. The 5-panel cap has seen a soar in popularity in the last 5 years, although this soar is fairly undocumented.

There are two main types of 5-panel hats : the pinwheel configuration and the arched configuration. The first one is similar to how the 6-panel hats are sewn, except that the front seam doesn’t go all the way down to the brim. The other 5-panel caps have their five parts combined over the arc of your cranium.

Classic snapback with a 5-panel style of stitching.

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