Sphynx Géant Classic Trucker

$33.00 CAD

Contents: 47% Cotton / 25% Polyester / 28% Nylon
Sizes: One Size Fits All
Additional Features:


Official Sphynx Géant Collection

Sphynx Géant is a Montreal-based brand founded in 2016 by a cat named Sam. This cat is on a mission to bring out the weird giant that sleeps deep within yourself and that you've learned to tame growing in a close-minded society. Let the three-eyed sphynx look through your veil and let it shatter the mask you put to fit in this world because only the realest cats are allowed to wear the Sphynx Géant caps.

As usual, for every Sphynx Géant hats sold, at least 1$ is donated to build a better world.

The Sphynx Géant hats are available directly on Nationhats!

Snapback Closure

A classic design, the snapback has seen a recent rise back into the fashion world where it is adored by both celebrities and the public in equal measure.

The snapback caps first rose to fame in the 90's in America where it became especially popular in Los Angeles and New York. In these early years, the popularity of the hat was largely due to being worn both by famous musicians and sports stars.

The main advantage of the snapback closure simple plastic design is its flexibility, making the hats one size fits all. This system also makes the cap durable since there's no additional metal parts that can break off.

6 Panel Shape

The 6-panel caps are a standard as far as baseball caps are concerned. This style of hats represent a majority of the snapbacks on the market as well. They are made of 6 triangular panels of fabric woven together.

As 6-panel hats are simply a stitching style, they can be found with diverse closure like fitted, snapback, strapback or even flexfit.

Unlike 5-panel caps, the extra panel on this style of hats give them a slightly different shape and higher profile. This vintage style dates back to the authentic ballcaps of the '50s.

Classic snapback with a 6-panel style of stitching.

The Trucker Style

Trucker hats have a plastic mesh in the back to help with the breathability of the cap.

The origins of trucker caps, as it’s name suggests, are implanted firmly within the trucking community. They often sport a snapback type of closure with a curved beak and meshed back. The trucker cap became popular with truckers when farm supply companies began giving them away as a promotional give-away. Truckers would be the ones delivering the supplies for these companies and picked the hat up while they were doing so.

Since the trucker cap shares the plastic size adjustment system of the snapbacks, it makes it a very practical hat in terms of durability and breathability. This combination of practicality and style had made trucker hats stay in popularity for years.

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