Create your own custom caps and hats online

It's finally here!

You’ve asked it and we listened. Our team worked double shifts to be ready for the summer and after countless hours of testing, our online product designer is now available to the public!

Create your own custom caps and hats online


In the weeks to come we will release a few tutorials and videos explaining how to create your own custom caps and use the product designer but in the meantime, it should be pretty intuitive. Just play a bit with it, read the tooltips and after a few minutes you should be a professional hat designer!

Can I design the side or back of my cap or hat?

Soon. We’re in the process of adding all pictures to add your logo or custom design on the side/back of your hats. You are still able to order this feat using the “Add Options” section at the bottom of the product designer. If you need help to create your own caps, you can reach out to our online chat support to get immediate assistance when available or simply contact us.

Want to order the same design on different hat colors?

While we’re working to make that feature available in our hat designer as soon as possible, you’ll have to order your custom caps entering the total quantity you need for all colors after you have created your design and on the checkout page, tell us what colors you would like in the Order Notes.

How to order different colors for your custom caps and hats on Nationhats

Ready to create your own custom caps?

Design your own custom hats!



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