The Power of People Against Poverty – Oxfam

Trying to solve poverty is a lot like trying to solve a really hard puzzle.

That’s why Oxfam has a new six-sided strategy to tackle it, driven by the power of people against poverty.

1. First, we’re helping people to claim rights for themselves and make sure they’re heard, what we call; Voices for choices.

2. Because women are still massively under-represented and often oppressed, we’ll strive for gender justice.

3. Natural resources are vital for prosperity but we need to make sure that people in poor countries are getting their fair share.

4. And when natural disasters strike – or in times of war – we’ll be there to save lives.

5. We’re working to safeguard global food supplies so that people always have enough to eat.

6. And we’re pushing for more money to go to basic development such as health and education.

With hands on know-how. New ideas. Being bold.

With the power of people against poverty, we can solve this poverty puzzle.



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