DIY : How to Make a Flat Brimmed Paper Hat

Impress your friends with this home made 6-panel paper hat!

In this tutorial, you'll learn the basics of how flat brimmed hats are made. Additionally, the paper material makes it super easy to create a unique hat with your style and colors. Simply follow these steps to create your own DIY hat and of course, be creative :

Step 1. Draw three shapes as instructed in the video
Step 2. Cut out each shapes and retrace another identical set of 3 panels
Step 3. Color or customize your panels as you want
Step 4. Draw lines around the edges of each panel for the seams
Step 5. Take the two panels as instructed in the video and use tape to put together the panels
Step 6. Repeat the process with the smaller panels until the body of the hat is finished, do not tape too close to the of the hat yet
Step 7. Use some cardboard to create about 6 tabs and tape them inside the body to make it more sturdy and give it its round shape
Step 8. Dispose the body of the hat on a sheet and draw a half-circle for the brim, then outline the body of the hat
Step 9. Cut the shape of the brim and draw the seams on it
Step 10. Use the paper brim you just created to cut a piece of cardboard with the same shape
Step 11. Glue the paper brim onto the cardboard (if you need to hide the cardboard, repeat this step)
Step 12. Add tape to the brim and tape it to the bottom of the body
Step 13. You can then cut a small paper square and glue it inside of the hat to make the top stick together
Step 14. Draw 6 circles for the breathing holes, cut them and glue them on the center of each panel
Step 15. Cut out a strip of paper and glue it together to make a cylinder
Step 16. Cut a circle of paper about the size of the cylinder you just made and glue it on top of the cylinder
Step 17. Glue the resulting piece on top of the hat to make the top pivot

That's it, you're done!

Let us know in the comments below how your paper hat went and share with us your creations!

Credit : Thanks to YouTube user Papermodels93 for the video.



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