DIY : How to make a duct tape snapback hat

Another use for duct tape you didn't think of...

It's when you believe you've seen it all that stories like that get in your way and makes you question if there really is a limit to what duct can do.

What you need :

  1. A sharp knife
  2. A pair of scissors
  3. A ruler
  4. A cutting board
  5. A piece of construction paper
  6. A piece of cardboard for the brim
  7. Duct tape, of course (3'' wide preferred)
  8. Velcro (optional)

How to make the template for the main part of the hat :

Step 1. Make a 10cm long horizontal line and mark it at 5cm in the middle
Step 2. Align your ruler vertically and add a mark at 16,50cm above the middle of the line
Step 3. Move your ruler down to 9,50cm and make a second mark
Step 4. Using the mark you just made, draw an 8cm line parallel to your 10cm line
Step 5. Connect the ends and then connect the top dot
Step 6. Cut out your template, you will use it to make your hat panels
Step 7. Take duct tape with the color of your choice and cut 6 panels
Step 8. Using duct tape of the same color of your outside, join together the panels
Step 9. Trim any extra tape remaining
Step 10. To connect the top, cut two small duct tape pieces 3'' long and then cut them in thirds
Step 11. Tape each panels together from the inside, then repeat the process from the inside
Step 12. Make a button for the top and push it to hide the top hole then hide visible sticky parts
Step 13. At this point, your hat body is finished! Lay it down on a piece of construction paper and trace out the brim
Step 14. Cut out the brim template and use it to cut the brim from a cardboard. Make sure it fits nicely!
Step 15. Take another piece of construction paper and cut three 2'' stripes
Step 16. Fold them on each borders so that they are about 0.5'' wide
Step 17. Place your stripe on the middle of a piece of duct tape with the same color as your inside
Step 18. Cut slits about every inch on each side to make it easier to put the "sweatband" inside your hat Step 19. After adding the reinforcements, cover your brim with duct tape of the color of your choice (make sure to leave extra tape to wrap over your brim)
Step 20. Repeat until the brim is fully covered and to your satisfaction
Step 21. Cut 7 pieces of tape 1'' long with the color of the body of the hat
Step 22. Place all 7 pieces on the top of the brim and cut out little slits
Step 23. Connect the brim to the body and then flip your hat over
Step 24. Using tape the same color of your inside, place tape to consolidate the brim to the body
Step 25. Now back to using duct tape the same color of your brim, hide any imperfections

That's it, you're done! You can continue to customize your hat the way you want. If some of you would like to transform your duct tape hat into a snapback, follow these additional steps :

Step 1. Using a sharpie, draw an arch directly on the back of your hat
Step 2. Cut it out
Step 3. Use a piece of tape a little bit longer than the arch
Step 4. Cut this piece in half
Step 5. Flip over the tape and cover it up with another piece of tape
Step 6. Cut the corners of the sticky part so you can fold them over (leave one sticky piece showing)
Step 7. Use the sticky piece to attach the snap to your body.
Step 8. Cover the piece you just added with duct tape the same color as the body
Step 9. (Optional) Add velcro your snap to make it more snappy!

Let us know in the comments below how your duct tape hat went and share with us your creations! Credit : Thanks to YouTube user DNCrafts for the video.



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