Get 100 Dad Hats For 700$

Introducing the VC300 Dad Hat by Valucap

To this day, our catalog was almost exclusively composed of hats and caps manufactured by Flexfit (also known as Yupoong). After a lot of tests, we determined that this brand offered the best hats quality consistently. This gave the best outcome for our clients creating their custom caps and hats.

The only downside to these hats is that their quality comes at a price and we can’t really say they are cheap caps. While it has never been our goal to fight for the cheapest prices on the market (we prefer to offer quality hats), we understand the struggle that small businesses go through when they have to invest in promotional apparel. That’s why we wanted to offer an alternative solution for people that are on a budget and still need quality caps.

After conducting another set of extensive tests and due to the current popularity of dad hats, we’re happy to introduce our first model by Sportsman’s brand Valucap, the VC300 low profile cotton twill dad hat.

More than 75 years of experience in the headwear industry

When Abe Yeddis bought a recently closed down cap factory in Kansas City in 1935, he knew he needed to develop new ways of doing business. At the time, the company was called Pioneer Cap Company and it wasn’t until the late 1980s that the Sportsman brand was launched. A few years later, the company became what is now known as the Sportsman Cap Network.

Enjoy our special launch price!

We’ve created a promotion to celebrate the addition of the Valucap brand to our catalog and we’re sure you’re going to enjoy it. For a limited time, you can make 100 custom dad hats for 700$ only! This only applies to the VC300 model though, but the quality is almost identical to its counterpart, the 6245CM dad hat by Flexfit.

Customize your Valucap dad hat!



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