The Flexfit Pinstripes 6195P – Now Available!

Our catalog is getting bigger!

Every now and then (well, as often as possible!) we’ll add new canvases for you to create on. Today, we add a new product to our online catalog : The Flexfit Pinstripes Cap.

This is the first product in a series of caps that we’ll offer to a more advanced clientele who aren’t too much into flat bill caps.


The Flexfit Pinstripes 6195P

If you’re looking for a baseball cap or a golf hat that isn’t plain and dull, these incredible pinstripe baseball hats from Yupoong maye be what you’re looking for. There’s something about pinstripes that just never go out of style. Like the old, finely tailored suits in 1940s gangster movies, pinstripes invoke feelings of style, class and authority. Their uniformity is captivating, and their rich sense of color contrast is instantly pleasing to the eye.

Available in Small to Extra Large sizes, these comfortable Flexfit caps are made of 97% polyester and 3% spandex, allowing the material to stretch a little. They’ll feel like they were custom made for you. In fact, you can make your own custom flexfit cap using the pinstripe model right now! The Flexfit pinstripe caps are available in Black & White, Brown & White, Dark Grey & White, Dark Navy & White or White & Black.

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