Price Drop For The Cap Designer

New tarification for custom products

Since yesterday, we changed the way our cap designer calculates the fees for creating your own products. Before, you picked your preferred model, then you added your logo(s), texts and designs and the price would increase for every elements you add.

Truth is, at some point, it isn’t any harder for us to digitize your design. This pricing was flawed and limitating, because you would be charged each and every time you add something into the canvas. We were aware about this and wanted to allow our customers to create their caps more freely without worrying about the price getting too high.

The changes in the calculation of the price allows just that.

Only the most expensive element will be charged

That’s right. With the new pricing, we only charge you the most expensive element you add into your design. So if you added a logo already, you can go ahead and add as many text layers and designs as you want, the price will stay the same.

We hope this will give you the opportunity to create sophisticated and intricate designs that would’ve been too expensive before.

Better volume discounts

On another note, we also revised our discount breakpoints and values. Our discounts on custom caps and hats now range from 37% for 2 caps and more to 85% for 500 caps and more. We gave a special attention to the 25/50/100 units break points to offer competitive prices for your businesses.

As usual, we’re always very receptive to user feedback, so feel free to reach out to us if you have any suggestions or ideas about how we could do a better job at serving you!



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