How To Get A Free Sample

What's the cost of a sample?

The creation of a custom product starts with the realization of a sample, also known as a prototype.

This process involves many steps like the conversion of your Design in a machine-readable format, the actual setup of the machine, a post-production cleaning of the product and shooting pictures so you can properly review the results.

You may of course requests modifications if needed, in which case we will have to re-process the changes to create a new sample.

The cost and labour to go through this process ranges from $75.00 to $100.00.

Our Solution

As a community that supports the work of Creators, we strive to make it as easy as possible to create custom headwear on our platform.

Brands with many Designs may find it expensive to create a lot of samples to test ideas as they may not have enough demand for a bulk order yet.

Maybe you just want to make a cool gift and you love the quality of our work but you don't want to spend too much.

For these reasons, we offer various incentives to reduce or even eliminate the cost of your prototypes. Read below to learn how to get free samples...

Before your order

What you can do to save money before you order

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Refer A Friend

You can now refer a friend to give them $20.00 discount on their first purchase.

As soon as your friend completes his or her first order, you'll also receive a $20.00 credit.

Visit the Refer A Friend page for more details.


Join Our Giveaways

The easiest way to get a sample 100% free is to participate in one of our weekly giveaway.

Simply follow the instructions on the giveaway page and come back often for more entries.

Visit the Giveaways page for more details.


Become an Influencer

If you have enough followers and you think your audience is a good fit for our services, you may be eligible for a partnership.

Get free products in exchange of visibility, pictures, etc.

Visit the Influencer Program page for more details.


Multi-Design Discount

Submit multiple designs within the same order and we will apply a multi-design discount as follow:

  • 3+ Designs – 3% Off
  • 5+ Designs – 5% Off

Note: Our website won't apply this discount automatically and your order will have to be prepared manually, contact us.

After your first order

What you can do to save money after you've ordered from us at least once

Sample Credit

The cost to make a prototype can be credited toward a future bulk order of 100pcs or more of the same Design.

You may configure variations in your order to reach this quantity.

Note: Our website won't apply this discount automatically and your order will have to be prepared manually, contact us.


Review Product(s)

After you receive your products, write a review about your experience so that everyone can see how it went.

Reviews help others to find the right product for their project. To thank you for your participation, you'll receive a $30.00 coupon.

Note: You will receive an e-mail to review your order automatically after some time.


Loyalty Program

Earn points for every purchase you make, when you refer a friend or when you do certain actions on our website.

You can then redeem your points towards any order and save a lot of money while helping us!

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