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How it’s made: Patch (Embroidered)

A combination of embroidery, stitching and sewing has spawned an entire industry of its own: embroidered patches.

Their uses are as varied as their shape, size and colors. Patches have been used to represent a company or an organization, to commemorate a special event or an achievement, to identify military personnel and police forces or simply as a decorative fashion accessory.

It is believed that the creation of embroidered patches originated in China around 5-3 century BC but the sewing techniques used by the Chinese to mend, patch and tailor cloths quickly exported to other countries and cultures.

When we create embroidered patches for custom hats, they are always made on a base fabric like cotton twill or felt, although sometime it will not be visible if there is a full background pattern embroidered like the picture above.

Once the patches have been completed, we have to add an adhesive on their back to position them properly on the hats. The patches are then sewn onto the the hats to offer an optimal durability.

Embroidered patches can be fixed using a running stitch border, a satin stitch border, a merrowed border or a 3d border.